Monday, October 17, 2005

The DNews "Solution"

Editorial: The most pressing question about immigration

DNews learned little for their series:

" In the past, the Deseret Morning News has historically come out in favor of a guest worker program, much like the plan proposed by Rep. Chris Cannon. After putting together a definitive series of stories on the issue, we still feel the same. . . .

  • The time for angry invective has now passed.
  • The time for pressing to send all illegal aliens back home has passed.
  • The time for pointing fingers, shaking heads and stomping feet has passed. It is time for America — and Utah — to adjust to a new reality. The Hispanic immigrant — legal and illegal — has become as much a part of society here as carrots in a stew. How we got into this predicament is a question for historians to ponder. . . ."


Watch your "angry invective." replace it with reasoned rationales.

The time for pressing employers to obey the law and stop hiring illegals is here. The time for supporting and obeying US Law has been here for years.

The time for responsibility, nodding heads and measured paces is at hand.

As George Santayana said: "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!"

Did the 1986 amnesty solve the problem? No!

Will the new proposed Bush Cannon Hatch amnesty? NO!

Will the continuing tacit acceptance of illegality? Perhaps, if your goal is open borders and destruction of national sovereignty. (whoops, this might be considered angry)

Then I'll take my stew with potatoes, peas and okra (how about something new for a change) - thank you very much.

Friday, October 14, 2005

DNews Cost of Illegals

Continuing in the series on illegals, the Dnews brushes on (over) education costs to Utahns of illegals. "Providing illegal immigrants access to public education, health care and other social services costs Utah money. There's no question about that. The question is: How much?"

The first question that should be asked is WHY are we educating illegal alien children. The answer lies in a 1985 Supreme Court decision. Plyler v. Texas A briefer synopsis (and potential solution) can be found at Correcting Plyler Excerpt: "The answer to Plyler is political. The 14th Amendment itself says “The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.” [xx] Contrary to what most people today believe, the Supreme Court is not the sole interpreter of the Constitution. The Congress can and should pass legislation clarifying that the Equal Protection Clause cannot be construed to compel a state to provide discretionary benefits, including public education, to anyone who is not legally admitted into the United States. The legislation should specify that it is not subject to judicial review.
At one stroke, such a law would overturn Plyler v. Doe— and go a long way toward countering the growing belief that we have no choice but to pretend that illegal aliens are in fact American citizens."

Like the previously mentioned "anchor baby" interpretation of the 14th amendment, Congress could provide a legislative solution for this "unfunded mandate."

Monday, October 10, 2005

Deseret New Illegal Alien Series

The Deseret News has launched a seven part series on "undocumented workers" (politically correct term.) Regretably, it appears to be mainly a promotional, emotion laden propaganda piece apparently designed to prick Utahns' collective conscience to the plight of a few for the destruction of the principles and well being of many. In these United States, we either will have the "rule of law" or we will descend into the anarchy of no law at all followed by the tyranny of egalitarian results, open borders and eventual loss of sovereignty.

1 Note the error on automatic citizenship for children born in US as requiring Constitutional change; see HR 698-2005

This letter was submitted to the DNews to clarify the issue:
"As you purport to present "facts" in your extended series on illegal aliens, here is one error to correct. Rescinding the "right" to citizenship for those born in the US would NOT require a Constitutional Amendment. In fact, there is now legislation in Congress "To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to deny citizenship at birth to children born in the United States of parents who are not citizens or permanent resident aliens." HR698 currently has 45 sponsors (none from Utah), it presently languishes in the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims, but did obtain nine new sponsors in September. Perhaps a polite communication to our representatives is in order."
This would be an ideal time to WRITE OR CALL all UTAH congressmen and request their support for and cosponsorship of HR698.

2 Perhaps even more egregious is this one 30 Year Illegal Deported
Excerpts: "Home is the United States, the country that threw him out a year ago to the day of this interview with the Deseret Morning News. . . . Though he had lived in the United States illegally for some 30 years, Fernandez-Vargas assured her everything would be fine. . . . A truck driver, Fernandez-Vargas climbed into one of the two semis he owns. . . . He has been deported at least three times. But other than immigration violations he has no criminal record, according to his FBI rap sheet. . . . In July 1970, the former INS apprehended him near Nogales, Ariz., driving 13 undocumented immigrants to Boise. He didn't drive them across the border, but he had climbed a border fence to pick up an employer's van at a pre-arranged spot. . . . In the early 1970s, he entered into a marriage of convenience with a 40ish woman in Wyoming, believing it would be a path to permanent residency. . . . He worked on a Ogden city maintenance crew and as a truck driver in the metal salvage business until buying his own rigs. He earned as much as $50,000 some years and has consistently filed an income tax return. . . . The government also claims Fernandez-Vargas misrepresented his immigration history on his 2003 permanent residency application, indicating he'd never been deported. He and his wife don't deny there was misrepresentation but blame it on an Ogden woman they found through a radio ad to do the paperwork. "

Granted he may have gotten a bad deal, but the question will eventually be decided in COURT where all matters of law are decided. One only has to ask if the DNews will be presenting a similar bleeding heart sob story about some who were NOT able to come to the US LEGALLY because they were not close enough to the border. I'm sure that are more than a few excellent examples cases. e.g.