Friday, April 03, 2009

UTAH GOP on employer verification

The Utah Republican Party recently weighed in on the illegal alien issue by overwhelmingly passing a Resolution calling for Employment verification to support employment of Utah's legal residents at a recent State Central Committee meeting.

The GOP resolution supported a unanimously passed Utah House 'joint' resolution (HJR 25) which died on the Senate calendar at the time deadline closing the 2009 legislative session.

Resolution on Employment Verification
  • WHEREAS, we the State Central Committee of the Utah Republican Party, are fully supportive of the employment of Utah's legal employees, and
  • WHEREAS, we fully support the Republican National Committee Platform on immigration: "Our commitment to the rule of law means smarter enforcement at the workplace, against illegal workers and lawbreaking employers alike, along with those who practice identity theft and traffic in fraudulent documents. As long as jobs are available in the United States, economic incentives to enter illegally will persist. But we must empower employers so they can know with confidence that those they hire are permitted to work."
  • WHEREAS, we support resolution HJR 25 which was passed unanimously by the Utah House on February 27, 2009,
  • To wit:
  • "Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
  • WHEREAS, the economies of America and Utah are facing unprecedented challenges;
  • WHEREAS, in December 2008, unemployment in Utah was 48% higher than in December 2007, and the rate is projected to increase significantly in the coming months;
  • WHEREAS, Utah employers who violate federal employment laws by hiring persons who are unauthorized to work in the United States place an undue economic burden on Utah employers who attempt to hire only persons who are authorized to work in the United States;
  • WHEREAS, certain Utah employers use unauthorized workers to create an unfair competitive advantage over competing employers by shifting their burden to taxpayers and citizens through the avoidance of payroll taxes, neglecting to withhold income taxes, failing to provide health insurance coverage, hiring employees using fraudulent documents and stolen identities, and ignoring workers' compensation insurance requirements;
  • WHEREAS, thousands of authorized Utah workers are losing their jobs while unauthorized workers continue to be employed and to compete for jobs with Utah citizens and legal residents;
  • WHEREAS, legal immigrants, who have made great sacrifices to follow the law, often suffer the most from these unauthorized workers and must wait longer to bring their family members to this country
  • WHEREAS, unauthorized workers are more likely to suffer exploitation and unfair treatment by employers who pay substandard wages, fail to compensate overtime, fail to comply with recognized industry safety standards, and deny payment for work done;
  • WHEREAS, 1,626 Utah companies were found to be paying salaries to individuals with Social Security numbers of Utah children under age 13; and
  • WHEREAS, Utah employers have expressed their desire to have a legal workforce and their willingness to confirm worker status
  • NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah urges employers in Utah to take all steps possible to verify the documentation of an employee's legal status to ensure that they preserve the jobs of American citizens and legal residents, protect Utah employers who comply with state and federal employment laws, control job-related identity theft, and ensure that the economy and taxpayers of Utah are not unduly burdened when unauthorized workers are employed and their status exploited.
  • BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to each of Utah's Chambers of Commerce, the Utah Labor Commission, and the Utah Department of Workforce Services." (End HJR25)
  • THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this State Central Committee fully endorses this resolution,
  • BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be also sent to all Republican members of the Utah Legislature, and Utah members of the US Congress.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

LDS Church and the missionary effort

An interesting piece from Arizona on the LDS missionary effort in the illegal alien community:

"Latinos overwhelmingly are raised Catholic, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is aggressively reaching out to them by touting the religion's heavy focus on family and community, pillars of the Mormon faith that are also at the center of Hispanic culture.
As a result, Latinos are joining the Mormon Church at a greater rate than members of any ethnic group, even Anglos, church leaders say. " . . .

"Some state lawmakers, on the other hand, are trying to drive illegal immigrants out of Arizona.
(Sen. Russell ) Pearce said his immigration legislation, including the state's 15-month-old employer-sanctions law, is rooted in the Mormon
Church's 13 Articles of Faith.
"We believe in laws and the sustaining and obeying of the laws of the land," Pearce said.
At the same time, Pearce said he is sympathetic toward illegal immigrants.
"I tell you, most of these are good people," he said. "But you are still taking jobs from Americans, suppressing wages and breaking the law. We can't tolerate that."
Still, he doesn't believe Mormons are undermining his efforts by reaching out to Latinos.
"They are not providing sanctuary policies for them, unlike some folks who hide behind their religious status and are (promoting) sanctuary policies. This church simply doesn't ask (about immigration status)."
Some Mormons, though, think the Pearce-led crackdown hurts immigrant families, including the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants, and goes against the Mormon faith's emphasis on families and compassion.
Pearce's role in the immigration legislation has fueled perceptions that the Mormon Church is behind the crackdown.
Wilford Andersen, a member of church's Southwest governing body, said Pearce does not speak for the church.
"Just like any church, there are people with different opinions," Andersen said. "People have the right to disagree on political issues and the right to consider issues carefully and come to their own conclusions, and we respect that, as do other churches."
The church has not taken a position on immigration, Andersen said.
"But we feel it is our responsibility to minister to all of God's children, regardless of (immigration) status," he said.
Immigration has touched off a "quiet revolution" within the Mormon Church, said Garcia, the Brigham Young professor.
The church sees Latinos as the best opportunity for growth because of their numbers and openness to new faiths, but there is resistance from Mormons who tend to be conservative Republicans, he said."

A plethora of comments have been made on the online article.