Friday, April 29, 2011

If I Were a Utah County Delegate

Utah County Republicans will be considering a resolution to repeal Guest Worker Amnesty tomorrow (aka HB 116.)

For what it's worth, in my opinion, here is what needs to be said to the Utah delegates tomorrow. (Anyone wanting to adopt any portion is welcome to it.)

We Republicans have strongly spoken against amnesty - legalizing the illegal. We collectively understand that rewarding bad behavior simply encourages more of the same.

We understand that the welfare state, encouraging government dependence, is a recipe for continuing disaster. We should also understand that the welfare state and open borders are incompatible.

Importing poverty is not the solution - exporting the principles of LIBERTY and FREEDOM is.

But, somehow, many in Utah have been swayed by the slick public relation campaign entitled the Utah Compact. Some have been persuaded that pseudo-compassion directed SOLELY towards successful resident lawbreakers is the Utah Solution, forgetting those patiently waiting to come legally.

The former GOP Chair, was reported in the Salt Lake Tribune saying that he is "alarmed" at calls for repeal and that "Utah is not encouraging any kind of illegal behavior." 

(he’s been so “alarmed” by the repeal movement against the guest worker bill, he decided to send an email blast to delegates in anticipation of Saturday’s meeting to convince delegates that the resolution is a bad idea. “Opponents are embracing an approach where they simply don’t want to recognize the reality of the situation we’re in,”  “Utah is not encouraging any kind of illegal behavior. It is dealing with a reality.”)

Not only does this legislation encourage illegal behavior, it condones and supports it. It even left the door open until the middle of May to encourage more to partake of the misplaced beneficence and forgiveness of Utahns. In addition to forgiving identity theft, I-9 perjury, etc. on the behalf of the illegal alien employee, the bill also absolves the employer.

Amnesty, however one looks at it.

But this bill went even further - by proposing selling residency in Utah to the undocumented alien guest worker's extended family, if they can successfully breach the border.

The main promoters of this Amnesty proposal, the Salt Lake Chamber and the Sutherland Institute have long championed the cheap labor philosophy towards bottom line profit. Even in 2008, the Chamber was promoting giving every Utah "undocumented immigrant an opportunity to be classified as a guest worker."

This is not a issue of religion. This is a matter of law. This is a matter of supporting Republican Party platform planks at the county, state and national level. This is a matter of principle.

It is time to reign in these policies, voting for this repeal resolution will be a step in the right direction.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Few Answers to Statements About Utah Guest Worker Bill

Answering a few statements supporting Utah Guest Worker illegal alien amnesty bill:

This isn't amnesty, because they are paying a fine.”
The fine is for overstaying a visa or illegal entry, so they do get amnesty for any other crimes they committed (ID theft, etc. in obtaining jobs, etc.) for which they have not been arrested or convicted.  Additionally, the employers who employed the illegal are also being given amnesty for their crime.

This isn't amnesty, because they are not getting citizenship.”

The Guest worker would not, of itself, be a “pathway” to citizenship at this point. They could, however, be eligible if federal law was changed. It does provide a pathway to their children through the current interpretation of the fourteenth amendment.

We can't just round them up and deport them.”

None of the Utah groups opposing Guest Worker amnesty have suggested that. Enforcing current federal and state law will cause an attrition in the number of illegal aliens in Utah. Providing benefits (Driver Privilege Cards, welfare benefits, Instate Tuition, English Lessons, special focused education, et al) will simply encourage more to come and remain. A country on our southern border has been very successful in 'deporting' umpteen million unemployed workers without 'rounding them up.'

We need the workers”

No too long ago, teenagers and students could get jobs in the fast food industry. Recently Utah had an unemployment rate over 8 %.

We need to be compassionate”

We also need compassion for those patiently waiting to come to the US legally, and compassion for those unable to find employment.

The illegals are paying taxes.”

Show us the PROOF. Yes, they may pay sales tax. Some may actually pay FICA (under a fake or stolen SSN), but simple instruction can (and undoubtedly does) advise them to put 10 exemptions on a W-4 thereby avoiding withholding.

We need younger workers too support Social Security”

Attempting to back up a bankrupt system through illegal workers' “contributions” simply delays the inevitable needed corrections.

Alien workers are needed to keep food costs down.”

Farmlaborers account for 8% or less of the cost of a head of lettuce.

We can't break up families.”

Families are being broken up when the breadwinner leave them behind to come to the US to gain illegal employment. Families are also broken up when some individuals are incarcerated for crimes.

TheUtah Compact supports undocumented workers.”

The Utah Compact says nothing about illegal immigration or undocumented workers. It merely recites some platitudes about immigration. 

We need a guest worker program in some industries.”

If we “need” a “guest worker,” shouldn't we actually invite them to come rather than legitimize them after they are here?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Legislative Ratings on Immigration Legislation

The 2011 UFIRE rating for the recent session of the Utah Legislature has been released. Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (UFIRE) awarded an “A” to 17 House members and 4 Senators. The report is based on votes and actions toward solving the continuing problems with illegal immigration in Utah.

The overall grade for both legislative bodies was a “D.” The complete report can be accessed at

Among the legislative leaders were Representatives Steve Sandstrom, Chris Herrod and Carl Wimmer with A+ ratings. Senators Margaret Dayton, Steve Urquhart and David Hinkins led the Senate, with Sen. Thatcher at A-

The fifth annual UFIRE ratings for the 2011 legislative session found legislators generally lacking in an understanding of the solution to illegal immigration (Attrition through Enforcement), or persuaded by pseudo-compassion arguments, or simply unable to take seriously their Constitutional oaths and the concept of the Rule of Law.

With an abundance of legislation, hearings, debates and votes, 2011 provided a better picture of the commitment to creating a fair immigration policy for ALL people who wish to try to immigrate to the United States by enforcing current law.

HB 116 will further encourage more illegal aliens, in violation of 8 USC 1324, to opt to come to Utah as it gives them until May 10, 2011 to arrive and avail themselves of the proposed “Guest Worker” Permit and, for a fee, to bring most of their relatives.

UFIRE looks forward to restoration of adherence to federal law and the wishes of the citizens in controlling this rampant disregard of immigration law and proper principles. Hopefully the ratings may help Utahns gain an understanding of who is, and is not, in favor.

LDS Church and Immigration

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, after the controversy over the passage of guest worker amnesty for illegal aliens in Utah, has issued a statement entitled "Immigration Response"  stating, in part:

"The Church appreciates the package of bills that the legislature had passed, including House Bill 116.    . .  .    The February 28 Deseret News editorial, "A Model For The Nation" also accurately reflects the position of the Church regarding immigration reform, including measures that will allow those who are now here illegally to work legally, provide for their families and become better contributing members of our community—but without establishing a path to citizenship or granting amnesty."
A report by a lay member of the Church concerning some of the history of the "The Mormon Church and Illegal Immigration" was conicidentally published earlier this month.

Sutherland Institute's Paul Mero Speaks OUT

The leader of the Sutherland Institute, and one of primary proponents of the HB 116, Guest Worker Amnesty bills - or legalizing the illegal, or sale of legal Utah residency to a selected group of people.

This article might be construed as the epitome of arrogance.  (as this blog is apparently written by one to whom he refers to as "wingnuts" in his 'conservative' certainty.)  We'll leave it to the reader to decide.

"we strive to match our candor with civility." "Right-wing political extremism is alive and well in Utah."  “We’ve been able to break through that political barrier put up by the wing nuts who see every brown person as a criminal.”

"But not once has any of these anti-immigrant activists explained just how more than 100,000 undocumented immigrants were physically to be rounded up and deported." 

Mr. Mero, the pro legal immigrant activist in Utah are not suggested rounding up and deporting, they ARE suggesting enforcing current federal and state laws and they will deport themselves. Nor have they declared your racist statement about "brown people."  You call this civility, I call it disingenuous arrogance - on your part.

Educate employers that they are hurting the state economy by denying jobs to Utahns with a recent unemployment rate of 8+% well 80,000 illegals are working.

The only thing he may have gotten right is this statement:
"Perhaps a reasonable person could say of these remarks, "It takes one to know one." Perhaps it does. And perhaps I am that person. In speaking for Sutherland Institute I have my own style and tone that often leans more toward candor than civility, rather than seeking their complementarity."

Here's the DNews article covering the rant:
Sutherland Institute takes aim at "right-wing extremism" in ...

In the Sutherland Institute's addendum to its 2004 treatise "The Poison of Extremism," executive director Paul T. Mero takes aim at what he refers to as the ...

For these wonderful musings, in 2009, Mr. Mero was paid $128,776.

Here are Sutherland 990 forms from 2003 - 2010   Total 2009 contributions $1,335,989, All but $62K spent