Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Illegal Aliens and Income Taxes

The DNews published "Thousands of undocumented workers in Utah file taxes" last week promoting the idea that illegal aliens are actually "law-abiding" residents just waiting for citizenship.

There was, of course, no comment about the illegality of her employment, merely that she had a Social Security issued before she overstayed her student visa.  She says,  "You have to pay taxes,"  "That's the way that you know that you have for sure some kind of security."

Two questions, how much taxes might she have paid?  What type of security is she concerned with?  One could assume FICA taxes for Social Security retirement.   (Though that payment possibly won't provide any benefit)

How about Income Tax?    In a quick analysis with an online Income tax calculator (TTax), it shows a divorced illegal alien declaring a $30,000 income with three dependents a standard deduction and without any tax withheld would receive a REFUND of $5,270 for federal income taxes!!!
That's a fairly good incentive to file.    (With a $40,000 income she only gets a refund of $1,936, at $25K the refund goes to $6,825) 

The article refers to them as "invisible taxpayers" - but, they may very well be paying an "invisible" tax!!

Worried about legality of dependents? The site declares "The person MUST BE a U.S. citizen, resident, national, a resident of Canada or Mexico . . ."

However, just to be fair TTax says the illegal alien filer would be responsible to pay $466 to the state of Utah  -  which would not quite cover the $18,000 for educating the three dependents. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Illegal Aliens Found Working in PKC

Here we go again. 

"One of Park City’s largest employers, the Stein Eriksen Lodge, recently lost about 10 percent of its workforce of more than 580 after a federal audit found those employees were ineligible to work in the United States."

This is quite similar to the Grand America Hotel last year, except that one took more time.   Same results:
  • Illegal aliens found employed in jobs Utahns could do.
  • No penalties to the employer
  • AFTER the audit, they begin to use E-verify, which has been required in Utah for a couple of years now.
The Deer Valley Resort where the lodge is located uses E-verify.  Two other large Park City hotels St. Regis and Marriott use E-verify, why not Stein Eriksen Lodge?  Could it be because there is no penalty for not doing so and cheap labors might increase the profit margin? 

For other E-verify users in Utah, check the list here. www.ufire.net

Where have all Utah jobs gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the teen jobs gone?
Long time ago
Where have all workers gone?
Illegals took them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?
(Apologies to Pete Seeger)