Friday, May 31, 2013

Vote No on S.744 Amnesty

With propaganda increasing for amnesty for illegal aliens, 
the Senate needs encouragement to "do the right thing." 
Petition started 5/31/13

An Open Plea to Senator Hatch,
Your support for high-skilled STEM immigrants may be appropriate and proper, and your attempt to improve S.744 is appreciated.
In the spirit of supposed compromise, bipartisanship and comprehensive 'reform', the bill would also allow an additional 20 million new immigrants. But, there are currently 20 million unemployed Americans.
The bill also proposes legalization of an estimated 11 million unauthorized aliens who have broken various laws in living and working in this country, S.744 would also, by default, grant amnesty to an untold number of employers for their law violations in hiring, aiding and abetting these unauthorized aliens. 8USC1324
In a recent television interview you were quoted, "This country has always been open to immigrants, but we do need people to obey our laws,” but the 1986 amnesty proved exactly the opposite, ignoring enforcement promotes more violations.
This 'comprehensive' reform will cost $6 Trillion according to the Heritage Foundation and doesn't even mention birthright citizenship.
You voted in favor of the passage of the bill from the Senate Judiciary Committee, indicating you were unsure of further support.
Please vote AGAINST S744 "Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act," more correctly, simply, "Amnesty."