Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Decline in Illegals??

Comment:. The headlined "decline" is based on the "fact" that there were fewer illegals apprehended crossing the border compared to AZ last year - it does go on to hint that there was an increase in the NM and Yuma sector. It also notes that there was an INCREASE in deaths of crossing illegals. How do we combat the illegal alien lobby with this type of reporting to the people who rarely read beyond the headline

U.S. decline reported in illegal immigration,4382,615152448,00.html
'We are making progress,' federal official says of drop

This must be an important article (propaganda) - at least 57 instances of it being published across the country in the last 24 hours.

A few bold papers did modify the headline and interpretation - e.g. see AZ Republic.
Vast majority of headlines report: Feds say Ariz. illegal entry slowing down

How can we think, through the barrels of ink? Ah, the power of AP!

Feds say they're slowing illegal immigration through ArizonaSan Diego Union Tribune, United States - 17 hours agoBy Arthur H. Rotstein. TUCSON, Ariz. – The Border Patrol has cut down on illegal immigration through Arizona with an ongoing crackdown that specifically ...
Feds says they're slowing illegal immigration through Arizona Tucson Citizen
Border Patrol's 'progress' unclear Arizona Republic
Feds contend they're slowing illegal immigration through Arizona Detroit Free Press
Arizona Daily Sun - KPHO Phoenix - all 57 related »

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