Monday, October 17, 2005

The DNews "Solution"

Editorial: The most pressing question about immigration

DNews learned little for their series:

" In the past, the Deseret Morning News has historically come out in favor of a guest worker program, much like the plan proposed by Rep. Chris Cannon. After putting together a definitive series of stories on the issue, we still feel the same. . . .

  • The time for angry invective has now passed.
  • The time for pressing to send all illegal aliens back home has passed.
  • The time for pointing fingers, shaking heads and stomping feet has passed. It is time for America — and Utah — to adjust to a new reality. The Hispanic immigrant — legal and illegal — has become as much a part of society here as carrots in a stew. How we got into this predicament is a question for historians to ponder. . . ."


Watch your "angry invective." replace it with reasoned rationales.

The time for pressing employers to obey the law and stop hiring illegals is here. The time for supporting and obeying US Law has been here for years.

The time for responsibility, nodding heads and measured paces is at hand.

As George Santayana said: "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!"

Did the 1986 amnesty solve the problem? No!

Will the new proposed Bush Cannon Hatch amnesty? NO!

Will the continuing tacit acceptance of illegality? Perhaps, if your goal is open borders and destruction of national sovereignty. (whoops, this might be considered angry)

Then I'll take my stew with potatoes, peas and okra (how about something new for a change) - thank you very much.

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