Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fender Bender in Orem

An interesting little article on an illegal alien accident in Orem Utah:
An Orem traffic crash has turned into an immigrations bust in Lindon.
It was a simple fender bender on 1600 North in Orem, but it got interesting when the driver who caused the accident ran away right after he rear-ended someone.
Three others inside the car told Utah Highway Patrol troopers he worked at Mountain States Steel plant in Lindon.
"The driver did work there at the steel company and actually ran over to work and was actually working. He was arrested," said UHP trooper Cameron Roden.
Roden says he'll face some charges, but immigration officers will take care of the rest.
The man in the country illegally, and so are his three friends.

KSL seems to be the only media outlet to report on the accident - buried among the 178 comments is this one from the Utahn who was hit. (It's near the bottom with some interesting - idiotic - responses)

Owner of Vehicle Struck in Accident!!!
by The Whole Bloomin' Yard @ 9:51pm - Tue Jul 29th, 2008

As I ponder on the events that happened in the accident. I cant help but reflect on the comments and issues that this accident has brought up. My company is a small company that primarily does property maint. (lawn mowing) and landscaping. I have but one truck and trailer and all my equipment my company had was on the trailer. The vehicle that struck my trailer at 45-50 MPH totaled my trailer and multiple mowers and various other equipment and damaged my truck to the extent that it cannot haul a trailer anymore.

The driver of the vehicle nor anyone else bothered to see if i was alright instead the hard working non legal citizen of the good old USA decided to not be responsible nor caring enough to hang around instead fled the scene. I am grateful that they were able to catch him. However now that it is over i am faced with new challanges.

thanks to the immagrant who apparently decided to op out of the drivers ed class my company now has no way to serve my customers nor put food on the table for my family and pay my bills! I am the proud father of two and now my family and customers have to suffer because they didnt want to enter this county the right way and take the proper courses on how to operate a motor vehicle in this country.
Yes I do have insurance however it will take a week and a half to two weeks to get me a check for a new trailer and to fix my truck. By that time I will be out of business. Thanks again to the illegal immagrants who cross the border to find a better life, to work for less than the average american who has skills will, and ruin other peoples lives.

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