Friday, December 05, 2008

SL Chamber proposes permanent "guests"

The SLC Chamber plan proposes to make Utah's illegal aliens permanent "guest workers."

"This plan will allow for Utahns to deal with this population in a fair manner by giving each undocumented immigrant an opportunity to be classified as a guest worker and receive a two-year immigration benefit that has the possibility of being renewed."

Note also that that there is no mention of (the elimination of) Birthright Citizenship or covering EDUCATION Costs required by a 1985 Supreme Court decision.

While (marginally) better than offering a "Pathway to Citizenship," the proposal does offer virtually permanent residency through renewals.

Question: Does the illegal get priority for the job at the end of 2 years?

There appears to be NO requirement to ever leave the country as long as there is employment.
Will they be eligible for unemployment benefits, welfare payment, food stamps, or other "benefits?"

The policy of hiring citizens first, as noted in the SLTribune
"Guest workers could only fill positions that no qualified U.S. worker wanted." is buried within the comment that "no eligible domestic workers have been identified for the position."

Further the DNews reports, suggests this proposal will cause a LARGE INFLUX of illegals:
"An outline of the plan Smith distributed to lawmakers said the enhanced law enforcement efforts would be necessary to stem a possible "large influx of undocumented workers who may be attracted to Utah's new program."

If enhanced law enforcement will be required, why not just enforce the current law, then create a guest worker program for those millions who are patiently waiting to come to our fair country?

The proposal suggests that "if individuals have a criminal history that includes any felony or other serious offense (yet to be determined), that individual will not be eligible for this program." If the illegal alien / undocumented worker is now working here haven't they already commited the crime of illegal entry and, probably, ID theft or fraud to obtain a job?

While providing lip service to hiring actual foreigners (living outside the US) the plan is definitely oriented towards the illegals now within the State of Utah. "The key issues that must be addressed include . . . Utah’s current undocumented population and its affect on resources"

This proposal may be the key that will be used to delay implementation of SB81 provisions while waiting for DC to allow the waiver, while DC works on AMNESTY (or sale of citizenship to those who ahve successfully evaded the law long enough.

I believe Sen. Howard Stephenson called the plan "brilliant" on the "redmeat" radio program. Click here for a one hour dissertation on the proposal (it does have fast forward seek capability.

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