Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Utah Legislation on Illegal Aliens

Update: 18 Feb Failed on the floor of the House 40-32-3

Update: First substitute HB 227 was passed 8-5 in committee and now goes to the House floor

Another attempt to prevent illegal aliens from receiving benefits from their presence in Utah has been introduced:

HB0227 Licensing Eligibility Sponsored by Rep. Steve Sandstrom "requires an applicant for a business license issued by a municipality or a county to provide the municipality's or county's business licensing agency with documentation of the applicant's lawful presence in the United States; and requires an applicant for a license issued by the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to provide the division with an affidavit stating that the applicant is a citizen or lawfully present in the United States."

This bill would better ensure compliance with federal law.

The first committe hearing (audio) was held 5 Feb. and raised such specious arguments that it would lead to problems with isssuing library cards and onerous requirements on license issuers (such as showing a valid Driver's License).  There was also a discussion on the the bills relationship to SB81.  The failure of compliance is SB 81 was discussed (for more on compliance)

It also raised a question on license renewal versus new issuance, the bill was held to clarify the answer.

A similar bill (HB 262) failed in committee last year by the same representatives by a 5-7-2 vote.

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