Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sen. Bramble Pontificates on RedMeat Radio

Open letter to Rep. H . . . , Host of KtKK redmeat radio,

Thank you for your attempt (however feeble) to harness the sophistry of, as one of you said - the bulldog, Sen. Bramble. His report was wrong in so many facets.

A few points on the Senator's comments:

  • HB 116 simply proposes to legalize the illegals
  • If they don't like the term "amnesty" how about "sale of Utah residency" for a small fee - (and Utah will even finance that.) HB 116 Line 828 "(ii) one or more payment plans that an undocumented individual may use to pay a fine required under Subsection (4)(a); and"
  • The May 10, 2011 date is not an implementation date, but a date for applying for the guest worker permit. (If it's for those who have been here for a Long time -defacto amnesty, per the Sen. - why not May 10, 2010 or 2001 or. . .)
  • The bill also appears to be an amnesty for those employers who currently have illegal employees.
  • As far as "Utah can't round them up and deport them" - Mexico has been very successful in "deporting" umpteen million unemployed workers to the US).
  • If we truly want to "solve" the illegal alien problem "Attrition Through Enforcement" works. Not the SL Chamber idea.
  • If the DPC is about auto insurance, why don't they require proof when applying for the DPC? (Insurance is actually on the CAR, not the driver.)
There is an online petition  now available, that has gathered 3,500 signatures - so far, in 3 DAYS - calling for a veto of HB 116. That will soon surpass the signatures on the vaunted Utah Compact - in over 4 MONTHS.

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