Saturday, July 09, 2011

Advocacy Journalism for illegal aliens

Anyone following the Utah media should recognize the bias toward illegal aliens, guest workers, HB116, etc.   Here's a more subtle one in the SL Trib, you may have missed, which reported "Utah’s independent voters are cooling to the state’s tea party movement, with support dropping by more than half over the last several months, according to a newly released (BYU) poll."

Reporting on a few answers, the article failed to report the main points of the 25 questions in the April Utah Voter Poll by BYU's Center for the Study of Election and Democracy:  
  • 62%  disapprove of how the Utah State Legislature is handling its job
  • only 12% believe "illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay permanently in the U.S."
  • 17% wanted illegal aliens "to go home immediately"
  • 40% allowed 'most' to stay as temporary workers.

  • 58
    % support the AZ enforcement bill
  • 79% supported Sandstrom's HB 497 enforcement bill

  • 63% supported HB 469 (sponsoring immigrants)

  • 45% "did not know" the LDS church's stand on any of the 'immigration' bills

  • 84% wanted the GRAMA bill repealed

  • respondents were 39% GOP, 13% Dem and 42% "independent"

  • 61% conservative, 24% liberal

  • 96% had attended college

  • Huntsman and Romney got the most favorable rating at 63%

  • The current Congressmen form Utah were all about 50%

But the Trib decided the important item was the Tea Party. The response actually was 48% of voters thought favorably of the tea party. 

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