Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Legislature Kills the last Illegal Immigration Bill

The last attempt to pass an illegal immigration law in this legislative session appears to have killed any hope of anything being passed to protect Utahns in lawful employment and other costs and problems associated with illegal aliens.

From the official journal:
Representative Herrod made a motion, under suspension of the rules, to lift H.B.
300 from the Rules Committee and refer it to the Law Enforcement and Criminal
Justice standing committee. Representatives Draxler and Harper commented. 

Paraphrased transcript from the recording of the session:

Herrod: We should not be afraid to tackle tough issues.
Draxler: against motion  - survey ranked immigration - highest points were the facets of guest-worker HB116, it's a mistake to lift bill at this time of the session   (HB 300 was introduced 27 Jan
Harper: proper motion, but against motion -   failed in rules with other immigration bills,  part of process;  if we do this, what other bills will we have to hear    (11:20) "what other games might be played?"  shouldn't be done this late in this session  (It's been sitting in rules for two weeks)
Dougall: Motion to "saunter'  (12:05)
Herrod: I warn this body about process; the legislature has lost the faith of Utahns;  Have you on rules even read the bill?:  We have high unemployment  for teenagers, high suicide rate;  21% of rape of child are by illegal aliens, murder rate up; but we won't even hear a bill that is constitutional (HB300)   Lincoln quote  “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”, don't use a ploy to saunter to stay away of vote
Dougall:  This is not a motion of cowardice      He (Herrod) issues a tirade day after day, very bitter about many things,  we need to cool down.

Chair: Voice vote - passed   division =  vote:
Comments by chair of what are we voting on -  not on bill, but to saunter.   
pause (long)  16:45  17:42 
Mel  Brown:  Point of order, need recess or adjourn- not to saunter, motion not debatable.  18.22   motion is to recess for 15 min.
Representative Dougall made a substitute motion to recess for 15 minutes.
Representative Herrod commented.

The motion to recess for 15 minutes passed on the following roll call:

Yeas, 40; Nays, 31; Absent or not voting, 4. 

Voting in the affirmative were: Representatives
Anderson Arent Barrus Bird Briscoe Chavez-Houck Cosgrove
 D Brown Daw Dee Dougall Doughty Duckworth Edwards Fisher
 Handy Harper Hemingway Hendrickson King Kiser Litvack
 M Brown McCay McIff Menlove Moss Newbold Poulson Powell Sagers
 Sanpei Seelig V Peterson Watkins Wheatley Wiley Wilson
 Wright Lockhart

Voting in the negative were: Representatives
Barlow Butterfield Christensen Cox Draxler Dunnigan Eliason
 Frank Froerer Galvez Gibson Greenwood Grover Herrod
 Hutchings Ipson Ivory J Peterson Last Mathis Nielson
 Noel Oda Painter Perry Pitcher Snow Sumsion Vickers Webb

Absent or not voting were: Representatives
Hughes Morley Ray Sandstrom
So ends 2012 Utah immigration enforcement, not with a bang, but a whimper   
House - 2012 General Legislative Session Day 35 Part 2 Feb 27, 2012 00h 19m
  Video MP3 Audio

If the link does not work, scroll through the archives on the home page.  When you get to the video click on "Lift Bill"   (about 8 min in) 

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