Saturday, June 04, 2005

Debate on Instate Tuition bill

The audio debate on HB 144 can be found at:

Rough paraphrase audio lasts 46 minutes
Ure's bold comment about 10 mnutes in.

Rep Ure (Bill Sponsor) matter of economics - $16k "investment" in education - will give lifetime benefits Congress in turmoil on issue "only 10-20 people" will be involved in Utah

Rep Parker opposed - employers should pay for education

Dayton amendment: allow instate tuition for all US resident to comply with Federal law.

Ure: in response to proposed amendment: paraphrase: "Bill will not go into effect until US Congress allows it. That provision is in the bill.

Throckmorton: consider one legal, one illegal immigrant - illegal gets benefit, legal does not.

??? We are confusing illegal with undocumented, don't punish children. This is for the children of illegals who have gone through the school system (at taxpayer expense)

Urquhart: Fiscal note on existing bill. Ure says 10-20 per year UU resident vs. non resident $5931 difference $1,920,000 total over four years. many Utahns can't afford - shall we subsidize utahns or illegals? Offered exemption 25% of non resident difference.

Ure: So what if it is a million $, what's baby your baby, food stamps costing If he graduates he can make more money and help community.
These people are here no stay, better education, better job.

Ferrin: How many current students will this effect? Non necessarily a cost - may just be an incremental increase by more students. Marginal costs

Newbold: empathy How can they become citizens? Why provide to people who can not become Legal Permanent Residents. The students MAY be able to get that status, need requirement for step towards legalization. Amend "shall become a LPR" (action to have been completed)

Ure: OPPOSED If they could have done it they already would have done it In the next couple of months, Congress will be changing the situation in a few months. Quick LPR is someone's dream - It takes much longer (Hatch's Act is a Dream - or a Nightmare, here we are three years later and nothing has happened - but Utah is allowing illegals instate tuition.)

Motion to circle: Ure opposed Knowledge from INS is not there. Waiting for weeks vote the bill, stop wasting time. FAILED

??? If student applies for legal status he might be deported, because they admit their illegal status.

Newbold Amendment defeated.

Urquhart: Significant financial cost to Utah 25% amendment failed

Ure: College grad pays more taxes will pay back his $20,000 Illegals come to help their children,, have the drive to make US better

Bill Passed

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