Friday, February 01, 2008

2008 Utah Legislation

Bills possibly affecting illegal immigration


HB0026 Notary Public Revisions Donnelson, G. HOUSE
HB0095 Document Fraud - Establishing Legal Status Morgan, K. HOUSE
HB0098 Utah Employment Verification Act Donnelson, G. HOUSE
HB0237 Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act Donnelson, G. HOUSE
HB0239Driver License Qualification AmendmentsDonnelson, G.HOUSE
HB0241 Repeal of Exemptions from Nonresident Tuition Donnelson, G. HOUSE
HB0257 Employee Verification Herrod, C. HOUSE
HB0262 Recovery of Federal Reimbursement for Costs Associated with Illegal Immigrants Morgan, K. HOUSE
HB0285 Licensing Eligibility Sandstrom, S.

HB0302Citizenship Determination of Incarcerated IndividualsSandstrom, S.

HJR001 Resolution Addressing International Trade Issues Allen, S. HOUSE

SB0052 Identity Theft Amendment Walker, C. SENATE

Concurrent Resolution Calling for Congress to Pass Balanced Immigration ReformStephenson, H.
AbandonUnfair Trade Practice - Hiring Illegal AliensMcCoy, S.
Illegal ImmigrationHickman, J.
SB0097 Immigration Task Force Jenkins, S.

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