Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wrap Up on Legislative Actions

Contrary to the 2002 resounding cheers of "Viva Mexico" over the passage of In-state Tuition for illegal aliens, the 2008 Legislative session came to a relatively quiet close today.

In a final analysis, a few successes
can be claimed - as compared to previous years.

The GOOD news:
  • SB 52, Identity Theft Amendment, SB 81, Illegal Immigration, HB 86, Funding of Inmate Postsecondary Education, HB 339, Human Trafficking Amendments PASSED both houses.
  • HB 95, HB 98, HB 237, HB 239, HB 241, HB 257, Employee Verification, passed the House
  • SB 97, Immigration Task Force, was replaced by HB 490, Legislative Task Forces and Study Priorities which subsequently died on the House Concurrence calendar.
  • There are now more voting records by which legislator's actions might be judged.
The BAD news:
  • SB 81 implementation was delayed a full year
  • HB 95, Document Fraud, HB 98, Utah Employment Verification Act, HB 237, Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act, HB 239, Driver License Qualification Amendments, HB 241, Repeal of Exemptions from Nonresident Tuition, HB 257, Employee Verification, DIED in the SENATE
  • SB 210 Proof of Citizenship Required to Vote; died circled on the Senate 3rd Reading calendar.

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