Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Review of GOP Platforms on Illegal Immigration


Illegal Immigration –– The Party believes that security of our borders is an urgent national interest. The Party opposes illegal immigration and all forms of amnesty, or legal status for illegal immigrants irrespective of program name or race.
We support:
1. expeditious hearings on deporting non-violent illegal immigrants held in prisons or jails;
2. suspending automatic U.S. citizenship to children born to illegal immigrant parents;
3. elimination of federal funding to cities that have "sanctuary" laws prohibiting local police from identifying and reporting illegal immigrants to federal authorities;
4. empowering state and local law enforcement agencies with the authority, responsibility and resources needed to detain illegal immigrants within the course of their regular duties;
5. the rejection of non-verifiable foreign-issued cards, such as matricula consular as valid identification for official documentation purposes;
6. investigation and strict prosecution of agencies, businesses or persons involved in the production, distribution or acceptance of phony identification documents;
7. elimination of day labor work centers;
8. elimination of all laws requiring hospitals to give non-emergency medical care to illegal immigrants;
9. elimination of government funding to illegal immigrants for education, housing and business loans;
10. pass legislation which prevents China, Chinese citizens, and any other foreign country and/or its citizens from using the judicial system and courts of the United States to file and try lawsuits that grant entrance of the foreign people to the U.S. or become missing persons; and
11. strong document verification prior to the issuance of a Texas drivers license to anyone.

  • We believe that Congress should establish an immigration policy that furthers the cultural, social and economic interests of the United States. A sound immigration policy and vigorous enforcement of immigration law is essential to securing our homeland.
  • We believe that current immigration laws should be enforced and strengthened.
  • We believe that one of the government’’s primary roles is to maintain an adequate force to secure the borders of the United States
  • We believe in a strong national defense.
  • We oppose welfare, medical, and educational support and issuance of drivers licenses for illegal aliens and their dependents.
  • We support and encourage the imposition of severe penalties on individuals and industries that are found employing illegal aliens.
  • We support a physical barrier along the entire Mexican/American border.
  • We oppose all forms of amnesty for illegal aliens in this country.
  • We call for the government to devote increased resources to seal the borders against illegal goods and people entering the U.S.
  • We call for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would prevent the automatic granting of (““anchor baby””) citizenship to children born in the United States whose parents are illegally in this country.
  • We support modernizing the Department of Immigration's database systems.
  • We believe the government should not reimburse families for the loss of a loved one due to an act of God, natural disaster, or terrorist attacks unless the individual was a member of the armed services or in the employ of the United States Government.
  • We support the use of domestic surveillance to monitor contacts between foreign terrorists and their accomplices in the U.S. U.S. Immigration should end the “catch and release” system of deportation.
    We oppose any immigration reform that includes a ‘‘path to citizenship’’ for illegal aliens.

Our history is a story of immigrants. The California Republican Party welcomes and values each and every legal immigrant. We are proud that after 400 years, America continues to symbolize hope and promise to people from around the world. Immigrants have helped to make our great nation greater still.
  • We affirm our country's absolute right to control its borders.
  • We support legal immigration and the immigration laws that are already in place, and call on the government to enforce all laws on the issue. To take any other position would be a great unfairness to those who have complied with the legal system, and would expose California's citizens to national security risks. Once one enters the United States as a legal immigrant and desires to become a citizen, one should work actively to become an American - we should grant citizenship only to those who embrace American values and culture. New immigrants should be required to learn English, and businesses should be able to require employees to speak the English language while on the job.English should be the official language of government.
  • All election ballots and other government documents should be printed in English only. Government should offer intensive English language instruction to all who need it, including stipends to help immigrants attend the programs.
  • We call for the cross-deputization of state and county law enforcement personnel so that illegal aliens who are also criminals can be deported immediately upon completion of their sentences. We call on the Federal Government to reimburse California for the costs of federally mandated immigration programs and federally mandated benefits to illegal aliens.
  • Finally, we call for the termination of all federal and state benefits to illegal aliens other than emergency medical care.

No Carolina

  • We support the issuance of N. C. drivers licenses only to NC citizens and those legally authorized to be here.
  • We support ending all entitlement to illegal aliens except for life threatening emergencies. Taxpayers should not pay for higher education for illegal aliens.
  • The most important responsibility of the federal government is ““to provide a common defense”” for the states and the nation.
  • Our borders must be made more secure. The federal government should actively enforce its immigration laws.
  • English must be made the official language of the United States of America.


  • A stronger policy of securing our borders using additional personnel, technology, and physical barriers.
  • The reform of the immigration laws of our country so as to be enforceable and to meet our country’s citizens’ legitimate interests.
  • The legal immigration of those individuals who wish to become US citizens with the strong enforcement of immigration laws.
  • Enactment of a meaningful guest worker program which includes proper security measures, to allow those who wish to participate in our economy to do so in a legal and responsible way.
  • Requiring any guest worker program to require the applicant for such program to initiate and process their application in their native land.
  • An immigration policy that includes no amnesty for those persons who are here illegally already.
  • The elimination of the “Safe City” program at any level of government that receives federal funds.
  • The original intent of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution (1868) which declared, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States…” and thereby recognized the citizenship of ex-slaves and in no way granted citizenship to the babies of illegal aliens.
  • A pillar of American citizenship, which is equal treatment under the law; therefore no special rights or privileges should be granted to any illegal resident alien from any county that are not granted to a legal immigrant or to a citizen of the United States of America.


  • We welcome legal immigrants from all nations, cultures and races.
  • We demand strict enforcement of all immigration laws by all levels of government.
  • We demand that the federal government secure our borders. We oppose granting amnesty for illegal aliens.
  • We do not support citizenship for children born in the United States to illegal aliens, illegal residents or foreign visitors.


  • We support, welcome, and encourage the assimilation of all legal immigrants and others who are here by due process and are productive, law-abiding citizens. In fairness to them, we support stringent federal efforts to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

New Mexico
Immigration: We support and welcome all legal immigrants and others who are here by due process and are productive, law-abiding persons. Further, we support vigorous enforcement of all laws dealing with immigration.

Wyoming Supports any and all actions the State of Wyoming may take under its proper jurisdiction to address and prevent illegal immigration.

We expect that the State and Federal government to strictly enforce all immigration laws.

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