Friday, February 25, 2011

NEW Omnibush Invasion Proposal

Sources say that a prominent Utah Legislator is proposing an undisclosed, unwritten, unconstitutional and unwanted bill which would consolidate all of the good legislative ideas, that would have assisted in the program of "Attrition through Enforcement" into an Omnibush Compact Invasion Program.   

The sources say part if the proposal will require that all of the current undocumented immigrants in the state of Utah would be welcomed into the loving arms of the citizens' homes.

This would create more diversity, tolerance, civility, harmony and, particularly, appropriate reverence for the Utah Compact. The sources report that it will be proposed that every family in the state of Utah must invite into their homes an equivalent number of illegal aliens to reside with them.  

The Utah Compact has recently surreptitiously replaced the Utah Constitution, because it has received the requisite signature requirement of 0.001% of the Utah population.

To facilitate this process, all Utahns must register for a citizens Pilot Accountability Program, (PAP) and receive a criminal background check from the Obama DHS to insure that they are not affiliated with any member of the Tea Party. They will also be required to undergo a PAP smear, which will designate them a racist, xenophobic, capitalist, racemongers. 

If there are not enough illegal aliens available, more can be invited to Utah, he indicated that an an unlimited supply is available.

The under privileged and much maligned illegal aliens will then be given their long awaited and richly earned awards of the American Dream. These poor, hard working, misunderstood, brave, morally clean, and reverent true immigrants, residents and owners of the state will have the option of choosing which families they will join in paternal, maternal, infernal union and eternal bliss. 

Host Citizens will, of course, be required to learn Spanish, and pay a one time fine of $5,325 to cover the cost of educating one other person who has not yet been able to afford 400 pesos for a ladder.

Welcome, one and all, 

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