Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Demonstrators want licenses for illegal immigrants

Full article at: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer

A sign-waving, slogan-shouting crowd demanded Tuesday that the state issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

So far, the Georgia Legislature has declined to extend driving privileges to the state's illegal immigrant population, despite several attempts to push such legislation through. But Tuesday's 150 or so demonstrators at the state Capitol were buoyed by a decision this month in California to allow that state's 1 million illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses.
* * *
"I think it's important to make a stand for the rule of law," she said. "The driver's license is a gateway document into American society. It's de-facto amnesty."

State Rep. Curt Thompson (D-Norcross), who said his legislative district is 37 percent Hispanic, attended the rally. Thompson said requiring illegal immigrants to provide proof of an address and a fingerprint can help the government keep track of them. Georgia will have to address the issue soon, he said.

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