Monday, September 29, 2003

Making the best of a debacle or - There's too many so we'd better give them MORE
Deseret Morning News editorial, Sep 29,2003

Comment: Deseret News says there's too many illegal aliens, therefore we should just accept them - and pay for their education - and pay for the . . . Why worry it's only the law???!!!!

. . .Many American citizens would like to see the government crack down hard on illegal immigrants and send them packing. The point the Freedom Riders drove home was this: It is now too late to turn back the clock. There are not enough funds, not enough agents and not enough willpower to export or even detain the millions of undocumented workers. At this juncture, all we can control is our attitude toward them and our own future.

. . . Giving a driver's license to an undocumented worker seems patently unfair. But it is also a form of registration that allows officials to monitor foreign nationals who have slipped into the country.

. . . But now must be the time to make the best of it.
Comment: and lay back and enjoy.

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