Friday, September 26, 2003

United Farm Workers Support Cannon's Bill

Support farm workers! E-mail your U.S. senator and representative today and urge support of the new bipartisan legislation for farm worker legalization!
. . .
This bill would (1) create a “legalization” program enabling undocumented farm workers to earn legal immigration if they have been working in the U.S. and continue to work in agriculture for a period of time;

But others oppose:
Support Migrant Farmworkers-- Oppose Craig/Cannon “Guestworker” Proposals
. . . the proposed qualifications for undocumented farmworkers to gain immigration status have been so onerous that few workers would ever prove their eligibility. Without a real legalization program, employers will have a choice of vulnerable job applicants. Some will be exploitable undocumented workers. Others will be “guestworkers,” who, as non-immigrants, lack the freedoms that other workers have, including to choose their employers, and fear the consequences of seeking better job terms or enforcement of labor laws.
. . .
· Undocumented farmworkers should be offered a meaningful path to immigration status and citizenship. The model for this country is, and should be, immigration, not a system of indentured servitude.

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