Friday, August 05, 2005

Huntsman Mexico IV

Utahns vs. Huntsman Immigration Policy
Contrary to your front-page headline "Utahns back Huntsman," your poll question merely indicates that 85% in the poll feel that the Governor should "focus on immigration issues." Secondly, the question seems to indicate that Governor Huntsman "will take the lead on finding solutions to (Mexico's) immigration problems." This premise is actually strengthened by his two proposals for 'solutions,' namely "tapping Mexican teachers to help immigrant students learn English" (Deseret News, July 13) and "proposals to speed up the process by which immigrants can become U.S. citizens" (Deseret News, July 14)
I would surmise that these are hardly the solutions to "immigration issues" supported by most Utahns - but solutions were not mentioned in the poorly worded (biased) poll. The question might also be asked, "Why are the results of a poll of 413 Utah residents, with a margin of error of +/- 5 % Front-Page news anyway?" Except for its propaganda value, it should barely make the opinion page.

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