Monday, August 29, 2005

Illegal Alien Resolution Passed

At the GOP Convention, August 27, the resolution was passed with modifed clauses at the end, to wit:

"Therefore, we, the duly elected Delegates to the 2005 Utah Republican Party Convention hereby humbly request a Legislative Audit into the true cost to the Taxpayers of Utah of said presence of illegal aliens, including Education Costs, Medical Costs, Resident College Tuition Rates; Incarceration and Police Costs; Lowering of the General Wage Rate; Income Loss to Displaced Workers; Welfare Benefits and any, and all, other costs associated with this illegality.

Therefore, let it be resolved that we the Utah Republican Party requests that the Congress of the United States of America find reasonable and responsible solutions to these immigration issues.

We direct the Secretary of the Party to send a copy of this Resolution to all of the members of the Utah House and Senate, the Governor, and to our elected Republican Congressmen and Senators."

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