Wednesday, August 24, 2005

UFIRE Poll Results

Preliminary results of a UFIRE poll indicate that 70 to 80 per cent of RepublicanState Delegates are supportive of enforcing immigration laws and restricting taxpayer subsidized benefits to illegal immigrants in the State of Utah.

Volunteers working withUFIRE (Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement) conducted a telephone pollover the period of a few weeks. "The results were remarkably similar throughout thestate," reported UFIRE Chairman, Mike Sizer. "

It appears that some of our nationalCongressmen are out of step with their constituents on this important issue."When delegates were asked about the controversial instate tuition for illegal aliens,they were 71.3% in favor of repealing that benefit.

A Utah law, allowing the tuitionbenefit, was passed a few years ago by the Utah legislature in anticipation of thepassage of Senator Hatch's so-called Dream Act. The benefit was placed into operationlast year - prior to any change in Federal law, which prohibited the practice.

The legislative Joint Education Committee recommended repeal of the provision in hearing this year.67.1% of Republican Delegates supported the idea of an audit to determine the costof illegal aliens to taxpayers of Utah. With 10.8 % undecided, many of those againstthe idea of an audit commented that it would be a waste of money to simply do a studybecause it was already known that the taxpayer cost for benefits to illegal aliens isenormous. They indicated that, instead of a cost analysis, measures should be takento reduce or stop unwarranted non-citizen benefits without a study.

A similar audit last year found that 95,000 illegal aliens had been issued Drivers'Licenses or ID cards. This audit was the impetus for a law creating Driver PrivilegeCards for illegal aliens, which was passed earlier this year.

The issuance of DriverPrivilege Cards received 30.1% support from GOP Delegates while 56.1 % were inopposition and 13.9 % were undecided. On the specific question of minimizing taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens,an overwhelming 76.5% responded YES, with 11.5 % and 12 % undecided Recognizing the predominant influence of the Party in Utah government and itsinfluence in legislation, and in consideration of the upcoming Republican Convention,one question was asked about of control by and for the "grass roots" of Party rulesprocedures. Results showed 83.2 % in favor of this principle, with 12.5% undecided.

UFIRE is supporting a resolution that will be presented to the upcoming RepublicanConvention calling for an audit of the the cost of illegal aliens to taxpayers and forminimizing taxpayer funded benefits to them.

An additional Resolution by NationalCommitteewoman Nancy Lord supporting delegate inputs to, and control of, Party rulesis also under consideration.To provide more information to delegates and others interested in the issue ofillegal immigrants in the State of Utah, UFIRE has sponsored a series of meetings withColorado Congressman Tom Tancredo. The final meeting will be held at Salt LakeCommunity College on Thursday, 25 August, at 7 PM.

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