Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Gov Huntsman to Mexico II

Part II,1249,600148232,00.html
"Besides promoting economic development and tourism, it also encourages education and cultural exchanges."

Isn't 250,000 people enough cultural "exchange"?

Let's see $122 million in trade gives maybe $40 million in profit to a few companies vs. $100 million to educate the illegals children. what's wrong with this equation?

"As for education, Huntsman said he was inviting the Mexican secretary of education to visit Utah to see what kind of language exchange programs might be possible. He has suggested that could include tapping Mexican teachers to help immigrant students learn English as a second language."

Oh, that's how we can have cultural exchange and "save" taxes for Utahns - hire Mexican teachers (at US salaries??). They can probably come in "legally" with necessary language teaching credentials that the current 250,000 do not have. Or maybe we can hire ALL teachers from Mexico (at Mexican rates) and teach all Utah students Spanish, English, math and culture and save education costs.

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