Monday, July 04, 2005

John Florez: Huntsman must confront Fox on illegal immigration,1249,600146022,00.html

John Florez: Huntsman must confront Fox on illegal immigration

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s visit to Mexico this month will test his leadership and ability to live up to the principles he espoused at his inauguration. Is he willing to use his political capital for the good of the state and put immigration on the table? Or will the governor, by default, consent to have Utah taxpayers pay for the benefits the business community is reaping from illegal immigration?
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Maybe the governor could propose to President Fox that for every matricula card issued, the Mexican government would put $5,000 (or some other amount) in the state's education fund. Maybe he could propose to tax any financial institution accepting matricula cards in transferring money. The governor might recommend that any employer who does not have workers' compensation insurance pay for the cost of the injured worker's medical care. And, perhaps he could challenge Utah businesses to help Mexico create jobs there that would curb the need for Mexicans to leave their country.

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