Monday, July 11, 2005

Huntsman to Mexico

SL Trib
Utahns to guv: Tackle immigration on trip

"Jose, who didn't want his last name used because he's an undocumented resident, . . . Jose, who's in the process of getting U.S. residency papers . . . "

How does an illegal alien get residency papers????

"Huntsman plans to talk about immigration, but it is unclear with whom or in what meetings, a Huntsman spokeswoman said."

Will he talk about increasing or decreasing illegal immigration??

"Julio, another undocumented worker . . . Julio says it's going to be tough for the United States to keep undocumented immigrants from coming."

Huntsman aims to bring Utah, Mexico a bit closer

"He says his main priorities are to get a commitment from Mexican President Vicente Fox to visit Utah and to connect with two or three industries that might be compatible with state businesses. . . . He said he recognizes the Mexican community in Utah is growing rapidly, and it's only natural he makes ties in Mexico and learns more about it. . . . "As governor, you're the governor of all the people," he said. "I want to make sure we are aware of the questions on the minds of the Mexican community." "

Does a governor represent illegal aliens or legal citizens???

"Huntsman is taking a handful of people - Chris Roybal, senior adviser for economic development; Michael Lee, general counsel; a couple of security guards; and Joe Reyna, a Utah resident paying for his own trip. . . . Reyna, who volunteered on Huntsman's campaign, is a volunteer member of the 77-member Mexico Advisory Council, which is Fox's advisory group on international trade, business, immigration and politics. He said he helped organize Huntsman's Mexico trip . . . Reyna, a Zions Bank regional president."

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