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Gov. Herbert's Illegal Alien Committee Report

A  brief summary of  comments by the committee participants, as heard at the meeting. Committee membership included 5 Utah Senators, 6 Reps, 5 from law enforcement, 4 business orgs :
Gov Herbert Immigration Committee     20 Jul 2010
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Introduction by Gov. Herbert   (Gov.'s Introductory Statement)   
    90 sec. each by committee participant, Palmer DePaulis, moderator

Pamela Atkinson, Community advocate    we need civility, not hatred  - help one another   
Lane Beattie, SLCC - 6100 statewide business    Federal issue, support border security need comp reform, we are not border state.
Curt Bramble, Senator    NCSL talked of bipartisan immigration reform proposal by Sen. Shumer and Graham - Likes AG plan
Ken Bullock, ULCT the problem needs to be defined
Chris Burbank, SLC Police    Narrow position local enforcement, reform needed  Don't expand police enforcement weakens support community,  it's a civil issue, not criminal.
Dave Clark, Representative    Need statesmen like solution, Fed Failure, states acting 333 laws last year, rule of law
Peter Coroon, SLCo Mayor    represents 1 million people, we enforce laws, jail full fed needs to act
David Armstrong, commissioner of Public Safety    need safety for all people, frustrated with limited resources, many laws passed SB81 excellent example, but need $$$
Brad Dee,
Representative     we must look out for next generation, rhetoric shows system reform needed;  my eyes were opened during the interim immigration committee meetings across the state.
John Dougall, 
Representative    Legal Immigration must be addressed, fed derelict in border security, we shouldn't be questioning all the people, protect freedom of association
John Greiner, Ogden Police    disagree that illegal immigration is only a civil violation, 2006 IACP white paper, local enforcement decision
Michael Waddoups, 
Senator        Nation of immigrants, Oppressive govt created nation of laws. art 2 sec8,9  fed gov failed, states must act, not a race issue -  need repent and return policy
Terry Keefe, Layton Police, UT police chiefs assn    enforce laws, criminal misdemeanor
Carl Wimmer,
Representative    Constitution, fed failure (not even trying); states must act, state sovereignty;  compassion seems restricted to those already here
Carlos Linares, Hispanic Council      enforcement alone does not work, need reform, dignity of humans not solved by fence, no more enforcement- need study
David Litvack,
Representative   UT has comprehensive approach, even 'progressive,' local DREAM act, Driver Privilege card;  concern in community, racial diverse, need open discourse
Pat Jones,
Senator      Has no answer, fed responsibility, must employ legally, interviews show hispanics are good worker;  Spanish prayers are OK
Stan Rasmussen, Sutherland    we're listening to clarify our stance, fed gov failure, need for workers in UT, unique challenge in Utah,    fellow humans
Luz Robles,
Senator     Fed failure, no $$ to enforce, accountability by employers, need to integrate
Ross Romero,
Senator     Thanks for 1300 list action, Obama troops on border, Negative debate by anti hispanics,  no t them vs. us
Dee Rowland, Catholic Diocese        need civility, bros and sis, we don't ask status, living in shadows, democracy
Steve Sandstorm,
Representative    Working on AZ style law, wish we didn't have to; laws give freedom,  Illegal immigration threatens laws,  I'm listening
Mark Shurleff, AG    History of joining of railroad golden spike  by Chinese and Irish (not legal at time);  comprehensive plan proposal
Kirk Smith, Utah Sheriff Assn (Washington co)  People are saying ;do something;  no leaders at fed level in SS and immigration, immigration process in disarray; unfunded mandates
Tony Yapias, Proyecto Latino   thanks for work on 1300 list, we can’t do the fed's job' we want a change, not amnesty, just jobs and fairness for all.
Doug Wright, KSL    humbled, never seen an issue like this in 42 years of broadcasting,  Email saying remove illegals NOW;  amazing ideas today
Sean Reyes, Attorney    fed gov failed; local issue not about citizenship and naturalization; need to get out of shadow, pay taxes; legality does not mean citizenship
Randy Parker, Farm Bureau    need workers, fed failure,  Guest worker H2 bureaucratic, lost 300 lambs due to delay with workers
Dave Layton, Construction    need legal workers, hispanics good high value employees.

Part 2 Discussion    Economics, border, enforcement, et al   "Let's talk about Guest workers"
Parker    1960's Bracero worked, we need seasonal workers (1)
Beattie    Previous proposal (SCR1)   they are here, not leaving; need to legalize (2)  without amnesty - citizenship later  (3)

?? Can we have guest worker without amnesty?

Robles    Amnesty not up to the state ; they are living here, (4)
Waddoups,     Who are these unemployed 7%,  do we really need more workers?  (5)
Wimmer     Robles is right, we can't give amnesty, must leave the country first,  others who would love jobs,  7.5% unemployment welfare ck vs work
Romero    need more farm employees, do we need immigrants, not amnesty most who came here were legal and overstayed visa (6), they are participating
Atkinson    Guest workers OK, but 3 million people have applied for visa, some waiting 20 years family - amnesty a disservice to those
Shurtleff    I'll have to defend whatever law is passed,  Utah needs control of workers, we need study of Nuevo Leon, they have good program
Dougall    agree with Wimmer on amnesty, but immigration not an exclusive fed right (7)
Sandstorm    Guest worker intriguing, if guest went home,  Utah program would entice illegals
Clark    Crisis,  push back on fed on immigration
Rowland    Guest workers not going to happen (soon?)    must pressure fed for immigration reform (8)
Yapias, We need Shumer/Graham amnesty   I don’t want more people either
Rasmussen    Tenth amendment, states rights, we need permit for those already here.  Leave and return will not work - economic loss
Wright    Perception on amnesty si we need a pound of flesh Utah unemployment was effectively 0% a while ago, we are talking about real people here, I don’t understand the need to return
Bell    Can you adopt a Guest workers program without Amnesty?  Or without Federal approval?
Bramble    Four planks of Shumer; Graham = Border/ biometrics/ guest worker/ deal with illegals; prior resolution ignored, 50 state policies not viable
Robles    we’ve talked with fed, this will push them to action

Part 3 Discussion   legality of AZ. law suspect reasonable suspicion or probable cause

Yapias    Fear that no one will understand, but police.  Brother stopped in nice car for taillight, fear of racial profiling
Coroon    local govt enforcement no practical, jails full
Greiner     I’m offended by racism accusation, we already enforce federal law eg Bank robbery is Federal crime
Wimmer     ensure sufficient funding for enforcement; police know probable cause and reasonable suspicion
Burbank    using traffic laws for other purpose improper.  How do police ‘suspect’ illegality if not by race.  (9)
Litvack    Perception of amnesty incorrect, creating a permanent victim class, can’t deport , won’t support, police rely on illegals to report crime Due Process
Smith    Police already can find reason to stop; ICE will do nothing, only react to felonies
Dees    ICE handles Fed law, 287 (g) will help
Shurtleff    AZ. law untenable, if  states take responsibility, then Feds won’t do it (10)
Keefe    no unfunded mandate, proper training needed, we can teach proper standards
Rasmussen    Police will be diverted from the normal duties
Romero    What if Feds issue injunction against AZ law
Sandstrom    Appreciate input, will consider in formulating bill
Burbank    We already arrest more than ICE can handle, releasing 900/mth from jail early
Robles    Courts are overloaded
Wright    We talk of federal holding facility, is that the best use of money?
Beattie    We like to do something, but can’t; create Guest worker program, tax them to pay for services
Keefe    Many illegals are NOT from Mexico, AG proposing to work with one statein mexico
Clark    Challenge is not unique, we have the ability to address problem early (11) Thanks to policel Dream Big
Yapias    Illegals only trying for better life
Shurtleff     suggesting ony a pilot study with one state
Atkinson    Feds should not be suing AZ, waste of time


(1)      birthright citizenship, education costs
(2)    why?  what about those who could NOT come?  what of pay, benefits, costs
(3)    Are these, and other proposals aiding abetting and encouraging
(4)    How can they legally work???
(5)     would unemployed rather work or get paid for doing nothing?
(6)    Tourist or work visa?  how are they legally working?
(7)    Can we have 50 different policies?  Fed suing AZ over that issue
(8)    audience applause - estimated 5 to 1 pro illegal
(9)    With a large majority of illegals of a certain race, naturally more will be subject to questioning
(10)    True already, feds doing little
(11)    With 100,000 PLUS, we are not early

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