Thursday, July 15, 2010

The List of 1300 Illegal Aliens

Somehow a list of purported illegal aliens is deserving of top billing on all the local TV networks - WHY?  e.g. FOX SLTrib
(It's even NATIONAL news now) e.g. ABC     
A few Questions:
Do illegal aliens deserve more protection than normal citizens?
Complete Voting Lists are not difficult to obtain.  
But we can NOT release a list of people who signed petitions for referenda.
On the Utah State web site, anyone can, with relative ease, find these lists :
Includes Business Name & Address, Registered Officers, Principals, Partners, Registered Agents

Professions Licensed in Utah Includes Name, License type, license status

  • Real Estate Agents, Brokers & Companies

  • Mortgage Agents, Brokers & Companies

  • Name, Address & Phone

  • Owner's names, Addresses and phone when available

  • General Contractor's names, Addresses and phone when available

  • Property Address

  • We can issue Driver Privilege Cards ONLY for illegal aliens, but we are not allowed to see THAT list. 
    If the list contains SSN's, how did the purported illegal alien get one? 
    If they have one, is that not ID fraud?
    Or were they ITIN's?
    How does Mr. Yapias have access to the list?
    Is the Driver Privilege Card list available?
    If someone receives the list, can they post it on the web?
    If an illegal cries in the wilderness, are they still quoted by the media? 

    Is the release of this list protected by the UT Whistle Blower statute, exposing violation of Federal Law?  (e.g. aiding abetting illegals)

     Ut Code 67-21-3.   Reporting of governmental waste or violations of law -- Employer action -- Exceptions.
         (1) (a) An employer may not take adverse action against an employee because the employee, or a person authorized to act on behalf of the employee, communicates in good faith the existence of any waste of public funds, property, or manpower, or a violation or suspected violation of a law, rule, or regulation adopted under the law of this state, a political subdivision of this state, or any recognized entity of the United States. 

    I guess "Illegal Alien" is now a protected class - perhaps, soon, it will be an endangered species.  (No, that is NOT a call for vigilantism)

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