Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Open Letter to Utah Gov. Herbert

Gov. Herbert,
I understand you have scheduled your "immigration committee" meeting for 20 July to discuss how to solve the illegal immigration problem in Utah.

SL Trib: 2 July “We’re going to have an inclusive group of stakeholders talk in a respectful fashion,” the governor said during an interview on “Pulso Latino” radio program.
The governor said he hopes to have members from various minority communities, the business community, various faith-based organizations and legislators, including Rep. Stephen Sandstrom and Sen. Luz Robles.
While I am not a "member of a minority community," or a leader of a "faith-based organization," or a legislator;  I am a Utah resident AND a US Citizen, familiar with the issue and I have studied and worked on this issue for quite some time and would be happy to provide some input.  

I'm sure there are many other similarly situated "stakeholders" who would be glad to participate. 

PS: I might also remind you of the platform plank on immigration passed by OUR Republican Party recently.

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