Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sutherland Institute's Paul Mero Speaks OUT

The leader of the Sutherland Institute, and one of primary proponents of the HB 116, Guest Worker Amnesty bills - or legalizing the illegal, or sale of legal Utah residency to a selected group of people.

This article might be construed as the epitome of arrogance.  (as this blog is apparently written by one to whom he refers to as "wingnuts" in his 'conservative' certainty.)  We'll leave it to the reader to decide.

"we strive to match our candor with civility." "Right-wing political extremism is alive and well in Utah."  “We’ve been able to break through that political barrier put up by the wing nuts who see every brown person as a criminal.”

"But not once has any of these anti-immigrant activists explained just how more than 100,000 undocumented immigrants were physically to be rounded up and deported." 

Mr. Mero, the pro legal immigrant activist in Utah are not suggested rounding up and deporting, they ARE suggesting enforcing current federal and state laws and they will deport themselves. Nor have they declared your racist statement about "brown people."  You call this civility, I call it disingenuous arrogance - on your part.

Educate employers that they are hurting the state economy by denying jobs to Utahns with a recent unemployment rate of 8+% well 80,000 illegals are working.

The only thing he may have gotten right is this statement:
"Perhaps a reasonable person could say of these remarks, "It takes one to know one." Perhaps it does. And perhaps I am that person. In speaking for Sutherland Institute I have my own style and tone that often leans more toward candor than civility, rather than seeking their complementarity."

Here's the DNews article covering the rant:
Sutherland Institute takes aim at "right-wing extremism" in ...

In the Sutherland Institute's addendum to its 2004 treatise "The Poison of Extremism," executive director Paul T. Mero takes aim at what he refers to as the ...

For these wonderful musings, in 2009, Mr. Mero was paid $128,776.

Here are Sutherland 990 forms from 2003 - 2010   Total 2009 contributions $1,335,989, All but $62K spent

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