Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Legislative Ratings on Immigration Legislation

The 2011 UFIRE rating for the recent session of the Utah Legislature has been released. Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (UFIRE) awarded an “A” to 17 House members and 4 Senators. The report is based on votes and actions toward solving the continuing problems with illegal immigration in Utah.

The overall grade for both legislative bodies was a “D.” The complete report can be accessed at

Among the legislative leaders were Representatives Steve Sandstrom, Chris Herrod and Carl Wimmer with A+ ratings. Senators Margaret Dayton, Steve Urquhart and David Hinkins led the Senate, with Sen. Thatcher at A-

The fifth annual UFIRE ratings for the 2011 legislative session found legislators generally lacking in an understanding of the solution to illegal immigration (Attrition through Enforcement), or persuaded by pseudo-compassion arguments, or simply unable to take seriously their Constitutional oaths and the concept of the Rule of Law.

With an abundance of legislation, hearings, debates and votes, 2011 provided a better picture of the commitment to creating a fair immigration policy for ALL people who wish to try to immigrate to the United States by enforcing current law.

HB 116 will further encourage more illegal aliens, in violation of 8 USC 1324, to opt to come to Utah as it gives them until May 10, 2011 to arrive and avail themselves of the proposed “Guest Worker” Permit and, for a fee, to bring most of their relatives.

UFIRE looks forward to restoration of adherence to federal law and the wishes of the citizens in controlling this rampant disregard of immigration law and proper principles. Hopefully the ratings may help Utahns gain an understanding of who is, and is not, in favor.

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