Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Few Answers to Statements About Utah Guest Worker Bill

Answering a few statements supporting Utah Guest Worker illegal alien amnesty bill:

This isn't amnesty, because they are paying a fine.”
The fine is for overstaying a visa or illegal entry, so they do get amnesty for any other crimes they committed (ID theft, etc. in obtaining jobs, etc.) for which they have not been arrested or convicted.  Additionally, the employers who employed the illegal are also being given amnesty for their crime.

This isn't amnesty, because they are not getting citizenship.”

The Guest worker would not, of itself, be a “pathway” to citizenship at this point. They could, however, be eligible if federal law was changed. It does provide a pathway to their children through the current interpretation of the fourteenth amendment.

We can't just round them up and deport them.”

None of the Utah groups opposing Guest Worker amnesty have suggested that. Enforcing current federal and state law will cause an attrition in the number of illegal aliens in Utah. Providing benefits (Driver Privilege Cards, welfare benefits, Instate Tuition, English Lessons, special focused education, et al) will simply encourage more to come and remain. A country on our southern border has been very successful in 'deporting' umpteen million unemployed workers without 'rounding them up.'

We need the workers”

No too long ago, teenagers and students could get jobs in the fast food industry. Recently Utah had an unemployment rate over 8 %.

We need to be compassionate”

We also need compassion for those patiently waiting to come to the US legally, and compassion for those unable to find employment.

The illegals are paying taxes.”

Show us the PROOF. Yes, they may pay sales tax. Some may actually pay FICA (under a fake or stolen SSN), but simple instruction can (and undoubtedly does) advise them to put 10 exemptions on a W-4 thereby avoiding withholding.

We need younger workers too support Social Security”

Attempting to back up a bankrupt system through illegal workers' “contributions” simply delays the inevitable needed corrections.

Alien workers are needed to keep food costs down.”

Farmlaborers account for 8% or less of the cost of a head of lettuce.

We can't break up families.”

Families are being broken up when the breadwinner leave them behind to come to the US to gain illegal employment. Families are also broken up when some individuals are incarcerated for crimes.

TheUtah Compact supports undocumented workers.”

The Utah Compact says nothing about illegal immigration or undocumented workers. It merely recites some platitudes about immigration. 

We need a guest worker program in some industries.”

If we “need” a “guest worker,” shouldn't we actually invite them to come rather than legitimize them after they are here?

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