Friday, April 29, 2011

If I Were a Utah County Delegate

Utah County Republicans will be considering a resolution to repeal Guest Worker Amnesty tomorrow (aka HB 116.)

For what it's worth, in my opinion, here is what needs to be said to the Utah delegates tomorrow. (Anyone wanting to adopt any portion is welcome to it.)

We Republicans have strongly spoken against amnesty - legalizing the illegal. We collectively understand that rewarding bad behavior simply encourages more of the same.

We understand that the welfare state, encouraging government dependence, is a recipe for continuing disaster. We should also understand that the welfare state and open borders are incompatible.

Importing poverty is not the solution - exporting the principles of LIBERTY and FREEDOM is.

But, somehow, many in Utah have been swayed by the slick public relation campaign entitled the Utah Compact. Some have been persuaded that pseudo-compassion directed SOLELY towards successful resident lawbreakers is the Utah Solution, forgetting those patiently waiting to come legally.

The former GOP Chair, was reported in the Salt Lake Tribune saying that he is "alarmed" at calls for repeal and that "Utah is not encouraging any kind of illegal behavior." 

(he’s been so “alarmed” by the repeal movement against the guest worker bill, he decided to send an email blast to delegates in anticipation of Saturday’s meeting to convince delegates that the resolution is a bad idea. “Opponents are embracing an approach where they simply don’t want to recognize the reality of the situation we’re in,”  “Utah is not encouraging any kind of illegal behavior. It is dealing with a reality.”)

Not only does this legislation encourage illegal behavior, it condones and supports it. It even left the door open until the middle of May to encourage more to partake of the misplaced beneficence and forgiveness of Utahns. In addition to forgiving identity theft, I-9 perjury, etc. on the behalf of the illegal alien employee, the bill also absolves the employer.

Amnesty, however one looks at it.

But this bill went even further - by proposing selling residency in Utah to the undocumented alien guest worker's extended family, if they can successfully breach the border.

The main promoters of this Amnesty proposal, the Salt Lake Chamber and the Sutherland Institute have long championed the cheap labor philosophy towards bottom line profit. Even in 2008, the Chamber was promoting giving every Utah "undocumented immigrant an opportunity to be classified as a guest worker."

This is not a issue of religion. This is a matter of law. This is a matter of supporting Republican Party platform planks at the county, state and national level. This is a matter of principle.

It is time to reign in these policies, voting for this repeal resolution will be a step in the right direction.

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