Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bill Particulars

HB26 This bill:
  • amends the definition of "satisfactory evidence of identity" to provide that personal identification issued by another nation must be a passport
  • and that a driving privilege card is not satisfactory evidence of identity;
  • eliminates requirements for a notary's address to appear on the notary's seal;
  • provides that a notary's change of address must be given to the lieutenant governor;
  • and makes technical changes.
HB95 This bill
  • prohibits a person from knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly forging, counterfeiting, altering, or falsely making or providing a document that unlawfully establishes legal status.
  • prohibits a person or entity from forging, counterfeiting, altering, or falsely making or providing a document to unlawfully establish legal status and subjects a violator to a civil penalty of up to $75,000;
  • provides that the Office of the Attorney General may bring a civil action against an individual who makes or provides a fraudulent document to unlawfully establish
    legal status; and
  • provides that money collected in the civil action by the Office of the Attorney General shall be deposited in the Attorney General Litigation Fund to be used first for costs incurred in bringing these civil actions and then to be applied to individual victims.
HB98 This bill modifies provisions of the Labor Code in General to require certain employers
to participate in a federal program to verify the employment eligibility of employees.

This bill:
  • enacts the Utah Employment Verification Act including: defining terms; addressing interpretation of the act; and providing for severability;
  • requires public employer participation in the federal employment verification program;
  • and requires recordkeeping by public employers of documentation required under the federal employment verification program.
HB237 This bill modifies the Public Safety Code by providing for the enforcement of federal immigration laws by certain state or local law enforcement officers.

HB239 This bill:
. repeals the use of a temporary identification number (ITIN) issued by the Internal
Revenue Service for purposes of obtaining a driving privilege card issued by the Driver License Division;
. expires all driving privilege cards on December 31, 2008;
. increases from six to ten years the time period for which an applicant for a driver license must report a license suspension, cancellation, revocation, disqualification, or denial;
. prohibits the Driver License Division from issuing a driving privilege card; and makes technical changes.

HB 241 This bill modifies eligibility criteria for an exemption from the nonresident portion of total tuition at a state institution of higher education.

HB 257 This bill modifies provisions related to state affairs in general by conditioning certain
economic incentives and procurement agreements on employer participation in a federal
employee eligibility verification program.

HB 262 This bill directs the attorney general to complete a study of all available remedies the state may have in seeking reimbursement from the federal government for costs incurred by the state resulting from illegal immigration.

HB 285 This bill:
. provides that the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing may not issue a license to an applicant who is unlawfully present or unlawfully residing in the United States;
. requires the division to verify that an applicant for a professional license is lawfully present in the United States before issuing the license; and
. makes certain technical changes.

HB302 This bill enacts provisions related to determining the citizenship of an incarcerated
person by a law enforcement agency to assist a court in deciding whether the individual
may not be admitted to bail.

SB52 This bill:
. authorizes the court to order restitution to the victim of an identity fraud offense; and
. specifies that restitution related to an offense of identity fraud may include:
. attorney fees, lost wages, and other costs; and
. the victim's time involved in dealing with the offense, including administrative hearings and clearing the victim's record.

SB 97 This bill:
. provides for membership of the task force and compensation of members; . outlines the responsibilities and duties of the task force;
. provides for a final report to the Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development Interim Committee and the Business and Labor Interim Committee; and
. provides for staffing for the task force.

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