Monday, January 28, 2008

HB 98 Employer Verification Passes House

HB 98 Employer Verification was passed by the House today 54 -16 - 5
The Vote:
JANUARY 28, 2008
11:04:29 AM Utah Employment Verification Act
YEAS - 54
Aagard Draxler Hughes Noel
Allen Duckworth Hunsaker Oda
Andersen Dunnigan Hutchings Riesen
Barrus Ferry King Sandstrom
Bigelow Fisher, Julie Kiser Shurtliff
Bird Frank Last Snow
Bowman Froerer Lockhart Sumsion
Brown Garn Mascaro Tilton
Clark, D. Gibson Mathis Walker
Clark, S. Greenwood Menlove Webb
Daw Grover Morgan Wimmer
Dee Harper Morley Curtis
Donnelson Herrod Neuenschwander
Dougall Holdaway Newbold

NAYS - 16
Biskupski Fowlke Hendrickson Moss
Chavez-Houck Gowans Johnson Seelig
Cosgrove Hansen Litvack Wheatley
Fisher, Janice Hemingway McGee Wiley

McIff Ray Winn
Painter Urquhart

Minor point Some think that this Bill applies to ALL employers, HB98 only applies to:
(4) "Public employer" means:
60 (a) the state;
61 (b) a local government entity;
62 (c) an institution of higher education, as defined in Section 53B-3-102 ;
63 (d) an independent entity, as defined in Section 63E-1-102 ; and
64 (e) any of the following of an entity described in Subsections (4)(a) through (d):
65 (i) a department;
66 (ii) a division;
67 (iii) a commission;
68 (iv) a council;
69 (v) a board;
70 (vi) a bureau;
71 (vii) a committee;
72 (viii) an institution; or
73 (ix) an other entity, official, or employee.

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