Thursday, January 24, 2008

UT Legislative Audit on Illegal Aliens & Drivers Licenses

From the 2005 Legislative Audit on illegals and Licenses:

"The Legislative Auditor General was asked to identify the extent to which undocumented aliens are obtaining Utah’s driver licenses. We found that a large number of undocumented aliens has taken advantage of Utah’s relatively lenient requirements for obtaining a driver license. One concern is that Utah is being used as a portal for undocumented aliens living out of the state to obtain driver licenses. Furthermore, some undocumented aliens may be using the driver license application process to register to vote. Our findings are preliminary and a more extensive audit could be requested."

"Because U.S. citizens and legal foreign workers qualify for a Social Security Number, we have been told that those who file for an ITIN and who reside in the United States are, for the most part, undocumented aliens."

"Utah is Used as a Portal By Undocumented Aliens To Obtain a Driver License

We are concerned that dozens of licenses have been issued to individuals from the same addresses. For example, during the past 12 months, state records show that driver licenses have been issued to 62 different individuals who resided at the same apartment at the same street address in Salt Lake City."

"The agent (from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) indicated that these addresses are used by “contractors” who charge a fee for helping undocumented aliens obtain a Utah driver license. He said that most of the contractors work with undocumented aliens from outside of Utah. Because a Utah driver license is easier to obtain than those from many other states, Utah has Drivers License Issued to Undocumented Aliens become a portal through which undocumented aliens can obtain a widely accepted form of identification."

"Voter Registration List Includes 383 Individuals with ITINs, Most Appear To Be Undocumented Aliens"

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